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Geniusfemini is a concept where we help build a personal brand across web. We promote you and your talents to make your presence stronger on the Internet. Our community focuses on personal branding, book and author promotion, women in business, and small home business idea consultation. We’re your one stop PR solution.

  • Featured Article

    We feature you in our community with a detailed background, so that your target audience find it easy to connect to you and know your content.

  • Book Reviews

    We give detailed positive reviews of your work so that it can be accepted by a vast audience and thus get critically acclaimed.

  • Author Branding

    Your presence on the internet needs to be strong in order to gain recognition from your audience. We help you build a brand of yourself and your book.

  • Author Interview

    We conduct thorough author interviews so that readers can know the behind the story details. It can make your connection with your reader more strong.

  • Social Media Promotion

    You want it. We provide it. We promote your book across all social media, so that people learn about your valuable work.

  • News Portal Featured Article

    News portals have a vast reader base. To reach a major audience, we can get you feature to the news portals. You want it, we'll get you there. Don't you worry, talented authors.

Business Ideas

How are women doing in business? Get a heads up with women empowerment ideas. Read articles on self-improvement and personal growth.

Book Promotion

Are you an author? Have you already published your book? Congratulations! But what’s next? How will you find your reader base unless you make your book promotion?

Personal Branding

If you have a product or a service, whether you have written a book, we’ll tell you how to make a brand out of yourself so that your social image will stand out among million others.  We’ll help you make a follower base across web.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step up as women and take the lead.

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