A Haunted Love : Makes The Ultimate Winner

What is Love?

There comes a time in all of our lives when we suddenly feel something weird towards someone. Our thoughts start floating towards that special person. We start experiencing a new kind of emotion. We start dreaming while being awake. We feel giddy while we go near them. For an unknown reason, we feel self-conscious to be near them.

Then suddenly we realize, that person has become an integral part of our life. Each morning starts feeling a blow of fresh air. The time becomes a turning point, a new dawn in our life. Something crazy wakes up inside us.

What is fear of Love?

Then a restlessness pokes its head up. We develop an unexplainable fear of losing them. A fear of what-if.

“What if he feels repulsed towards me?”

“What if he stops talking to me?”

“What if he won’t talk to me for the rest of his life?”

This exact fear of love changed Niharika’s life.

This tale of hesitation and angsty love is what the author has beautifully told in this story – A Haunted Love : Makes The Ultimate Winner.

A Haunted Love : Makes The Ultimate Winner

This story is for all those who have ever loved and lost someone. How greed and vengeance inflict deep wounds in one’s life? And how Niharika emerges from all these deceit and reaches a new height?

You will get to learn a lot of human psychology in this story. It is how the writer portrays their dream makes a reader immerse in the story. A great story that makes a reader feel relatable.

You are requested to read more of this author’s work and encourage her to write more such wonderful tales.

A Haunted Love

Author Radhika Joshi Shah

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