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Our story started one afternoon after having a serious discussion about whether Kanyadaan is patriarchal. Therefore, we reached the concept of "Geniusfemini - Empowering women with self love and spirituality, against intersectionality."

Our Aim

Geniusfemini is a concept where we focus on self love, spirituality and empowerment of women, and fight against inequity, intersectionality and discrimination. We share information on feminine health, mental health, culture and lgbtq+ community. It is a platform to show how it is important for women to understand their importance in a progressive society.

The aim of Geniusfemini is to be that platform which will help all those restricted voices which are not loud enough to reach a vast audience.  GeniusFemini is a Kolkata based media company. It was founded to create awareness against violence, discrimination and subjugation that people face due to their gender, sexual orientation, race, class, size, ability, and other social differences.

Our Vision

The vision behind Geniusfemini is to emphasize on self-love, positivity and originality of perspective where we, the team of Geniusfemini, along with our readers could value and respect each other’s choices and the intention to speak up for what is right.

If you’re searching for something and stumbled upon our website, we welcome you. We hope you’ll be entertained and educated in your visit here.

Thank you so much.

Priyanka Bhowmick

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