Author Aurora Bluemoon

Aurora Bluemoon Is Beloved. Her Latest Novel Tells Us Why.

Have you ever thought what’s beyond this galaxy of ours? What if there are other lives out there? Although scientists have been looking for signs of lives for quite a sometime, you never know you might find so in A Journey of Octavian Helixes.

Life at a faraway galaxy, that’s what author gifted us in this book of hers. A brilliantly crafted story, where readers can immerse themselves in a mind-binding tale of a girl named Ella Efrain, who visits a galaxy named The Octavian Helixes.

Fantasy can never be boring, and the main character Ella finds herself visiting a mysterious spiral galaxy with eight arms, each arm inhabits a separate planet. How can it be uninteresting? The Octavian Helixes is a vast cluster of galaxies, located millions of miles away from our Milky Way. It was named after its spiral shape with eight arms made up of a different type of life-confined planet. Lives at these planets are entirely different from each other, and Ella visits these planets to experience such other-worldly mesmerizing lives.

Ella is a young girl who uses her imagination to write fantasy short stories and poems. But she didn’t know her own words could take her to these mysterious planets in the middle of the day when she had just finished writing The Octavian Helixes. It is a science fiction novella which jumps back and forth in time, depicting Ella’s journey from Earth to this faraway galaxy.

‘A Journey of Octavian Helixes’ is a spellbinding adventurous novella which is unputdownable. Once you start reading the story you cannot stop in between. Author has done a great job in telling this gripping sci-fi tale.

In this modern age, we rarely get time to release ourselves from our day-to-day lives. This novella from Aurora Bluemoon is like a breath of fresh air which is rightfully capable of reliving you of your stressful life. This exciting story will make you believe that the reader is the main character, the one on Ella’s place. These eight distinct fantasy stories of alternate lives, that occurred on these eight planets are written in various narrative styles making this book even more thrilling and adventurous.

Let us explore the fantastic realm of Octavian Helixes with a short excerpt from the book.

Excerpts from ‘A Journey Of Octavian Helixes’:

The origin of the universe is the origin of everything, with various explanations of its accuracies. It includes tiny particles from many dusty galaxies, including us, the living. The most widely accepted explanation is the big bang theory.

Many millions of years ago, the tiny singularity of a black hole violently exploded to create matter, energy, time, space, light, and galaxies that are to be born with bright stars and life-consuming planets along with their natural satellites.

The Octavian Helixes, named after its spiral shape of eight arms, is located in a vast cluster of galaxies millions of miles away from our Milky Way. Each arm is made up of a life-confined planet in its unique way. A far away parallel world!

Everything was penned down in the parchment dairy with the uniquely designed pen with a white feather on its back in cursives resting on the window side messy table with scrambled papers, pens, and sticky notes.

“Ella?” The inking was paused for a second when she was called by her elder sister in soft intone.

Her blue eyes sparkled with excitement when she raised her curly head which was deeply buried in the parchment diary and her teeth sparkled with a bright smile.

“Ella?” her elder sister called again and her voice grew louder when she approached Ella, “Got ye!”

The table was empty with her parchment diary and pen which made her round face frown in disappointment, “El…?”


The elder sister filled her lungs with a sudden inhale of breath while Ella crackled into a mockery. “Wow, Lucyna, you are scared like always. Look at your pale face, it’s like you washed your face with fear.”

Lucyna grabbed a book from her table and beat her little sister with it over her shoulder which Ella had already escaped her attack with funny gestures to her elder sister.

“Phew, Ella, stop laughing like a maniac,” Lucyna warned her little sister when Ella was making funny faces at her only to annoy her.

Lucyna was kind and calm unless her patience was provoked by her little sister. To stop Ella who was throwing explodes with her laughter; Lucyna took the parchment diary from the table with a smirking smile.

“Ella, look what I got?” Lucyna grinned at Ella. “What are you penning today?”

About the book:

The story of Octavian Helixes jumps back and forth in time, following Ella’s journey from Earth to the faraway galaxy known as Octavian Helixes, where Ella guest visited eight different planets in the spiral galaxy’s eight arms. It sounded like an exciting and nerve-racking adventure through the cosmos, and it depicted the eight alternative lives. The pages of the parchment diary were flipped over to show eight distinct fantasy stories that occurred on the eight planets in various narrative styles. Let us explore the fantastic realm of Octavian Helixes.