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Aurora Bluemoon Is Beloved. Her Latest Novel Tells Us Why.

Frozen Bytes

Life is mysterious. Each event causes different emotions that spread their roots deep within one’s mind and existence. What better can it be if you cannot explore each of those thoughts desperately?

Ideas can cloud in mind in a whim, but how it is presented with words is important. The poet, Aurora Bluemoon, got creative with her words in this collection of poems about life. Frozen Bytes held the deep emotions of the poet who not only wanted to convey the messages from the real-life experiences, but also wanted to depict her deep-frozen ideas that have been concealed inside the deepest region of her mind.

This kaleidoscopic collection of thirty-one poems is a masterpiece that holds poems based on various themes. A reader can actually relate to these poems, cause all of them are written from the perspective of day-to-day inspirations. If one tries to find the meaning of these poems, they will certainly come across stories ranging from success to failure, to reality, to acceptance of imperfection.

Each and every piece of this poetry book has woven the messages conceivable from the depth of the poet’s discernment about various thought-provoking subjects of life. Not the unusual one, but the very usual faces and phases of life.

Aurora Bluemoon wrote these poems as a form of art which positively encourages the readers to decipher the messages of every stanza, every line and every word trying to broaden the horizon of their thoughts. A marvelous read!

Poems from FROZEN BYTES:


The sense of impending peril,
Have the ability to turn any into feral.
Playing with calmness by pulling a trigger
To make ourselves as a gravedigger.

Writers fear deadlines,
Giving them unstable lifelines.
Shutting the brain to writers’ block
Letting them to decay with no idea knock.

Possessiveness is a fear of loss,
True love is a stem of healthy gloss.
Insecurity is overprotectiveness
Leads only to relationship disconnections.

Instant fame is only a deterrent,
To endure our future with inadvertent.
Fake friends are the main highlight
Showcasing our earmarked in limelight.

Every fear is a milestone
Endowed one are like a moonstone.
It’s a signal for cautions,
To make all necessary precautions.

Embrace the fear with an open heart
You can overcome it if you are smart.
Fear is a dual-faced divine thing,
To greet it as a devil or an angel depends on us!


Imperfections are always impending scars
Which would ever vanish your faults;
Unless you don’t recall your flaws,
Linking to perfection will lose.

Missing pieces of jigsaw puzzles,
Finding like a treasure hunt,
Consuming the energy in a guzzle.
Though I feel like a runt.

Jigsaw Invented by map engraver John Spilsbury
Tells no strategy in the fastest way for hedge,
Fate is a cruel spectator eating a Cadbury,
But, it is easiest to start from the edges.

The weakness will always grow deeper
As long as you defend them,
Accept the truth not be a sadder,
It will soon vanish on its own.

I looked everywhere for lost pieces,
Exhaustion eaten my brains up,
I see the time snoozes,
Shaking me to suffer the wake up.

Searched all deep dump well,
It replied with all repels,
Able to see even through hell,
If we truly intent to see.

I stood before the mirror,
My reflection smirked evilly,
It gives me spooks of horror,
Setting a trap intentionally.

It guided me to look inside,
Rather searching outside,
The lost piece is your passion,
Long lost before the game starts!

About the book:

“Frozen Bytes” is the title of the book. It is a poetry book with a kaleidoscopic collection of themes ranging from aspirations to reality, success to failure, inspiration to travel, imperfection to acceptance, and much more. The title depicts the deep-frozen ideas that are concealed inside my neurons to deliver the greatest message conceivable through digital information. The poems in the book have a hidden significance with a blend of emotions and are written appealingly to convey my ideas.

Poetry is a form of art that has the power to open closed hearts and awaken any sleeping bird to become a phoenix. Every stanza or string of words must elicit thought-provoking responses from the readers. Frozen Bytes’ collection of thirty-one poems may encourage you to taste a flavour profile of life. I enjoyed writing for each challenge and hope to convey the same essence to you by broadening my horizons in spinning poetry.

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