Author Aurora Bluemoon

Aurora Bluemoon Is Beloved. Her Latest Novel Tells Us Why.

Meet the author:

Author Aurora Bluemoon

About the author:

The author took on a pen name Aurora Bluemoon, which is inspired by the magnificence of the southern lights, Aurora Australis, and the 13th full moon of the phrase “Once in a Blue Moon”. The reason behind being all the miracles happen on that day, signifying the rarity of this natural phenomena. In real life, the author plays her role as an entrepreneur with a master’s degree in English literature. As an innovative writer, her vivid thoughts of fantasy led her to the writers’ world by the year 2021. Thus, she strategized her unique way of captivating readers in the fantasy world that she has created all over the digital medium. She has contributed her works to various literary genres like poetry, short stories, book reviews, articles, and novels.

E-novels by Aurora Bluemoon:

The author not only authored paperbacks but also have authored a few fantasy e-novels, which are available in forty e-novel reading apps in the Google Play Store. The titles of some of her books are,

  • Icicles of Golden Blood, is about the love story of a hybrid dragon wizard and a human girl.
  • Lycan’s Hidden Love blends the love story of Lycan and his human mate with a little experiment in nanoscience.
  • Jingles Bells portrays the life of a girl who suffers from psychosis.
  • Hexa: Merchant of Demise reveals the eternal love of the ghost and his rebirth lover.

Aurora Bluemoon has also broadened her horizons by co-authoring 25 anthologies and traditionally publishing two novellas, which are available on Amazon, Kindle, and Google Books.

Awards and honours received by the author:

Aurora Bluemoon has won a several awards for her contribution in literary world.

  • One of the awards she won for a writing contest hosted by Flairs and Glairs publication.
  • She was awarded with the Special Mention award in an Am Power writing contest.
  • The Unicorn Literary Awards acknowledged Bluemoon as the Poet of the Year with a Special Mention title.
  • Bluemoon was honoured as a Special Mention in the Unicorn Writing Fest.
  • The author has won the Cherry Book Awards“Ultimate Battle of Words.
  • She was also awarded as Modern Literary Star Award from Cherry Book Awards with partners like Digital Golgappa and Indian Stories.Live.

Moreover, Bluemoon has been invited by the Unicorn Magazine to be the honoree in an Instagram live session. The author/poet has conveyed her gratitude to the Unicorn Magazine for awarding her a series of Winner titles for various categories – the Navratri contest, the Breast Cancer Awareness contest, and the Microtale contests.

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