Author Rajdeo Shaw Awarded With The Abhyuday Writer Honor

Mr. Rajdeo Shaw, the poet & author of 5 books, received the prestigious literary award for excellence of performance on 15th August.

The poet has written innumerable poems in his literary life. Some of which are best performer and vastly accepted by readers of all classes.

Author Rajdeo Shaw with Mr. Suresh Mishra, Chairman of Champdani Municipality

The poet, who lives in Champdani, thus felicitated by the honorable Abhyuday Writer Honor by his publisher, Adhrit Publication House of Bhopal for his Poems that he wrote.

Not only this, acknowledging his attribution to the poet’s society, i.e., the 5 books he has written, Mr. Shaw got awarded with ‘Honor of excellence Performance’ by his ward’s honorable Councilor Suraj Gupta during a programme held on 15th august.

Author Rajdeo Shaw receiving award from Councilor Suraj Gupta

In the past also, Mr. Shaw received numerous honors like ‘Sahitiyik Garauv Samman’ from Poetries Club, ‘Writer honor’ from Wow Academy of Nigeria and ‘Vaniya Sampada Honor’ from Sahitya Sangam Sansathan. The renowned poet is indeed very famous both online and offline.

Except of his Writing, Mr. Rajdeo Shaw is a martial arts trainer. He’s a black belt and a state level champion in Karate. The poet is also trained in various other martial arts forms like Taekwondo, Muay thai, Kickboxing, Kung fu etc.

These days, Mr. Shaw teaches martial arts to the children and is currently working as a teacher in an English medium school as a Social Study and Hindi teacher.

Mr. Shaw with his Martial Arts students

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