Free White Spirit by Saikiran S Eligeti

Book Launch: Free White Spirit by Saikiran S. Eligeti

When soul receives a guide.

This book is all about guidance for the wandering souls, the souls that need guidance. We humans, need guidance at every wake of our life. But it’s really fortunate for someone to have found that guide who’ll teach the life lessons. Some are fortunate to find a guru in this physical world. But what about others? Who don’t actively seek for a guru but need guidance as well?

For them, the supreme personality of Godhead sends a spiritual guru.

In this story of Ruthvik, a film director, severely depressed, attempts to end his life. But God has plans for everyone. When Ruthvik was battling with life and death situation, saint Sai Baba appears in his life as a guru, as a guide.

Ruthvik has several questions, and Sai Baba is ready to satiate his curiosity. He explains all the queries Ruthvik has about life, death and everything in between.

The book ‘Free White Spirit’ takes readers to the past, retells the stories from Sai Baba’s life and philosophy. This book is an insightful and marvelous tale about life’s philosophy that we often overlook. The author has done a great job showing the untraveled road that we often miss to even consider. Life must be lived with steady morals. Also, this book tells, how spirituality is a massive part of our lives, yet how we know very little of it.

For readers who wants to explore the philosophical aspects of life, ‘Free White Spirit’ is a must read. Hoping to see more such amazing work from the author.

Free White Spirit Book Cover

Book blurb:

Ruthvik a film director has attempted suicide and chances are that he is going to die. Sai Baba of Shirdi enters the I.C.U room and awakens the body of Ruthvik. Saibaba of Shirdi and Ruthvik, begin to converse about life, death and everything. Ruthvik takes the readers to the past, to when Baba Sai lived in the physical body. The life and philosophy of Sai Baba of Shirdi are revealed. It’s insightful to see, a steady spiritual commentary and flow of dialogues between the Master and a Disciple. It gets across the message of spirituality, how to live, morals in the current society. Free White Spirit is a journey you really do not want to miss.

Meet the author:

Author Saikiran S. Eligeti

About the author:

Author of ‘Free White Spirit’ Saikiran S. Eligeti is from Mumbai. The young author is currently completing his undergraduate course from S.M. Shetty college (Powai). His debut book ‘Insight with Master’ was published in October 2021. His next book ‘Garland of Words’ was also published in the same year. The author has also taken part in several anthology books. We hope, in future, we’ll get more such remarkable works from this young talented author.

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