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Book Launch: Unmatched by Kunal Mevalal Yadav

A perfect blend of romance, suspense and tragedy from the author Kunal Mevalal Yadav.

This lovestory will leave you thinking about life a little more. Everything resonated with the real life. The way the main characters met and the story progressed, it is relatable and very much so. The story will not disappoint you if you’re a romance genre reader.

Several real life situations that we see in everyday life, were in the story. It was like I was one of the characters.

The couple in this story belonged to different social classes and completely mismatched with each other. But, they say opposites attract, and that’s eaxctly what we saw in this story.

Also, the author has brilliantly portrayed the importance of money in everyday life. Without money it is just impossible to move forward.

All in all, this was a nice read!

About the book:

This is a book of love story and it have many suspense and climax and this book give you the Knowledge about the various type of situation it may happen in this world and the book give you the Knowledge that how much money is important in this world and this book show about the unmatched couple.

About the author:

Kunal Mevalal Yadav I am a free minded guy I have a habit of overthink in alone but I had written this book for you that this situation also happen I never blame anyone I know that I am not talented but I had written this book for you and I never overreact in any situation and I know how to solve the problem so this much talent I have.

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