Soulmates vs Twin flames: Which Relationship Is Better?

There are significant differences between soulmates and twin flames. Of course you’ll notice similarities between them, but these two relationships differ from each other greatly. Now the question may arise, are soulmates better than twin flames? To understand this, we need to understand how to differentiate between a soulmate and a twin flame.

What is a soulmate?

A soulmate is a soul connection with the same energy frequency as you. When you meet your soulmate, a sense of peace, happiness, synchronicity, and completion spreads through your mind, which helps you to grow and evolve into your highest potential. 

A soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner. A soulmate can be your friend, relative, neighbour, colleague, any stranger, even your pet. 

You get attracted to their souls and not their looks, fame, or background. Nothing matters when you connect to your soulmate, and you realize how happy you feel when you’re around them. 

There can be multiple soulmates. The vibrations of your soul are responsible for attracting your soulmates. That is why you feel attracted to a certain stranger all of a sudden. Not necessarily romantic, of course. 

Most commonly, soulmate connections are passing down from your previous lives to teach you something that’ll help you grow in this lifetime.

Again, not necessarily, your soulmate connections are meant for an entire lifetime. Sometimes, soulmates connect for a certain period, teach you a lesson and then scatter away. 

What is a twin flame?

A twin flame is basically you in a different body. In simple words, your twin flame is your mirror image. All of that is you, the good and the bad…you see exactly the same in your twin flame. Twin flames have unaccountable similarities, and at the same time they piss each other off as well.

As thrilling and exciting as it sounds, twin flame relationships are actually very complex and triggering. The two individuals, who are basically two halves of a single soul (the divine masculine and the divine feminine), need to be awakened spiritually to realize their connection and to be together. 

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In a twin flame relationship, both parties need to master self-love in order to feel whole all by themselves. They don’t have to feel dependent on the other person to feel happy and peaceful.

In this context, the term ‘power couple’ applies to these kinds of relationships. Because, when two people, who are complete in themselves, come together… (in modern words) sparks fly.

A twin flame couple couldn’t work if they aren’t aligned with each other in the same vibrations.

There’s this theory that when twin flames come together on this planet, they both have a goal… a mission to accomplish together for the betterment of this planet. Higher their consciousness is, the sooner they achieve that goal. If that is not the case, then the twin flame would continue to take multiple lifetimes to conquer that goal. 

How soulmates differ from twin flames?

SoulmatesTwin flames
Soulmates connect to overcome challenges together. They meet, they work together and then separate (that is why, often you see a perfect couple filing divorce together all of a sudden).However, unlike soulmates, twin flames don’t focus on challenges but growth. They act like catalysts in each other’s life-growth.
In a soulmate relationship, the invisible pull between the two individuals may fluctuate or change its intensity depending on their souls’ strength and what level they are on their life’s journey.But in a twin flame relationship, you cannot for once, ignore that magnetic pull. It is always there and you feel it all the time.
A soulmate relationship is a perfect balance of mutual respect, trust, synchronicity, values and love. Your soulmate strengthens you to reach your highest high. You can share your every secret with your soulmate without feeling embarrassed or inferior. You can always sense something familiar between each other.Whereas with twin flames, it is a different scenario. It may seem exciting for twin flames to come together, just like the clashing of two fires and alighting everything around. However, the reality differs greatly from that. Because, along with that fiery passion, twin flames bring the darkest of secrets, one is too afraid to show off. Twin flame relationship is almost like a love-hate relationship. You clash with each other a lot, argue a lot… but still feel attracted to each other. It can be frustrating at times and makes you feel insane. And this can only dissipate, if both the twin flames do their inner-work, be stronger in themselves and be a whole in themselves. That’s when they come together… they get recognized as a ‘power couple’!
Soulmates‘ connection can be romantic, platonic or sexual. They connect through mind, body and soul.But twin flames connection is beyond body, mind and soul. It goes on a celestial or astral level.
Your soulmates know you even better than yourself. Because soulmates vibrate the same frequency.However, twin flames are basically you. They are your mirror image. They show you who you are inside out on your face. You cannot hide from your twin flame. You cannot cover your flaws from your twin flame. They trigger you, then bring the best in you.

Can your soulmate be your twin flame?

No. Soulmates are companions to our soul. Be it a platonic or romantic partner, soulmates come together to overcome challenges and teach life lessons. Soulmate connections may or may not be temporary, but soulmates often part ways. That’s why we see many lovey-dovey couples get split over one single mismatch of opinion and more. Because their soul-contracts were for only that period. 

Twin flames are one soul split into two bodies. Even if you do not meet your twin flames, the pull is always there. You never really lose connection with them. Not even in after life.

Are soulmates better than twin flames?

There is no answer to this question. Because both the soul connections are different. Although both work to strengthen your inner growth, both are entirely different from each other. 

However, in a soulmate connection, there’s a sense of ease. You both connect instantly and unconditionally. But in twin flame connection, you connect so intensely that it drives you crazy until you’re awakened at a soul level. 

Twin flame connection is deeper because it leads you to wholeness, whereas soulmate connection is more about teaching life lessons. 

How do you know if you have met your soulmate?

  • There’s an instant liking without a specific reason
  • You don’t mind being vulnerable to them
  • Your intuition tells you that you were destined to meet
  • You love them, including their flaws
  • You can feel each other’s pain without verbalizing anything
  • The attraction is physical, mental, and spiritual level
  • You share mutual love, respect, honesty and values
  • You encourage each other to be a better person
  • Your soulmate is you are best friends
  • There’s no jealousy between you

How do you know if you have met your twin flame?

  • There is an intense magnetic attraction
  • You complement each other by your characteristics, strengths and weaknesses
  • Your twin knows you even better than yourself
  • You have same values, dreams and goals
  • No matter how much you fight or argue, you always come back together
  • You are more than friends, lovers or teachers
  • There’s unconditional love and synchronicity between you
  • You aren’t co-dependent but attached on a deeper level
  • You mirror each other a lot
  • Together, you want to serve for a better purpose, spiritually, socially, and ecologically

The Bottom Line

It really depends upon you whether you seek for a soulmate or a twin flame connection. Always remember, we meet people in our lives, for a specific reason. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a temporary period or for life. They help us evolve. And when we are better in ourselves, we value people despite the type of connection we share.


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