Education: Boon or Bane?

Education: Boon or Bane?

Education should be an essential part of our lifestyle. We cannot move forward in life without the wisdom which comes from education. The more we learn, the more wiser we become.

In modern era, literacy rate has increased rapidly in India. These days, more and more people are understanding the importance and utility of education. Whether it is a city or a rural area, education has expanded rapidly everywhere.

India has reached new heights in technology, science, medicine, sports etc. That’s why parents are inclined to give their children the best of education. They are admitting their children to high profile schools and want them to learn from the best teachers.

In the past, there used to be a school for every four to five villages. But nowadays, there is a school in every village.

Education awareness work is being done from place to place. From small villages to big cities, new schemes are being made by the government so that every person of the country can be educated. This is the reason that most of the population of the country has come above the poverty line.

Education in the country has been planned in such a way that moral values ​​are taught necessarily to the children in primary education. But as they grow up, more and more skills are taught. So that, he can be skilled in his chosen field and when he will start working as an adult, he’ll make money through those skills and do something better for the society.

But still, despite having higher literary rate, the economic and social condition of the country is dire.

Today hunger, rape, violence against women is increasing rapidly in our country. The situation is so bad that India comes in the lists of the top countries in the lists like hunger, insecurity of women. Some densely populated cities of India are also on the top among the most polluted cities of the world.

Ever since the society has found the educated person capable of consuming more than himself, the society has made the consumer the center of education. Due to which the entire human race along with the earth is under threat of destruction because consumerism is the main reason due to which a person moves towards consuming more and more.

Earth’s resources are used for its consumption, in which forests are cut, clean water is used, due to which the place of living organisms in forests and water is being exhausted. Due to these reasons some species have become extinct. Some species are on the verge of extinction.

Where the center of education is to protect society and environment, today education has become a threat to society and environment.

Because in the modern education system, children are being taught that the one who consumes more can only become more successful, and because of this reason, the whole earth is currently paying the price.

Consumerism is increasing in the same way the garbage is increasing in the society and when we do not get proper place to throw the garbage, then we throw them in the water. The water is also getting polluted. Today there is a crisis of drinking water in many countries because there is not enough water fit for drinking. Organisms living inside the water are also dying.

Nowadays, people are ready to go to any extent to fulfill his desires. The environment is being exploited in the name of development.

The temperature of the earth is also increasing along with rising sea level, due to which the possibility of drowning of coastal areas is increasing, the root cause of which is consumerism being taught in our education.

Theoretically, it is the responsibility of an educated person to bring sovereignty and balance between the society and nature. But now the same educated people are becoming more and more violent.

It is impossible to get rid of this imbalance unless we start questioning the education system which was supposed to be the center of the society.

Author : Aditya Kumar, Publisher, String Production

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