In Search of Salvation by Anna Rose

Book Launch: In Search of Salvation by Anna Rose

A story that generates shivers down the spine. Diana knows nothing about her future. Better say, she doesn’t think about her future. Cause she just loves her painting with all her heart. Her love for painting overshadows her love for anything real in life. For example, money, relationship… her fortune.

Things never turned easy the moment she realized she had no aim in life. Moreover, a simple contract turned everything upside down in her life. Diana couldn’t realize when she got sold to the devil through a petty contract. The devil chose her and she must understand that she has got price to pay in return.

The soon she realizes that, the more her life shatters into pieces. Deception never stays put. When hidden things starts to unravel, Diana realizes, ‘Love was never meant to be’.

An exciting and thrilling novel by author Anna Rose which is unputdownable. The story revolves around Diana and the devil, which keeps the reader on the edge of the seat!

“For me love is not blind. It is a contract” – Diana

About the book:

Salvation or Damnation? Does it matter what she choose? She’s a girl with no hope, no bond, no love. She never knew love. She never had any aims regarding her future. She is passionate about one thing though: Painting—something that soothes her soul. But her life turns upside down. Life is all about money and fortune—when the realisation hits her she shatters into pieces. A favour from a millionaire lands her on a contract with the sinister force. A contract with the devil but not in exchange of her soul. A deal with certain requirements; a contract with deadly consequences. She’s the one he chose. But when the question arises why, things begin to change… For better or worse. Soon things start to unravel before her eyes—things which were hidden from her for years. She welcomes the change cause she believes—A favor for a favor: Love never exists.

Meet the author:

Author Anna Rose

Author Anna Rose is a young writer of new age. Since she was thirteen, she discovered something new inside her—something raw and passionate which she decided to hold onto. Now, after achieving success in publishing her first book, everything’s become surreal to her. In Search of Salvation is her first book which she wrote with so much passion. She gets her inspirations from famous authors namely Allan Poe, Maria V Snyder, Karpov Kinrade. If you are a reader who’s looking for a breathtaking mystery then this book is for you.

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