Irregular Period PCOS

How to Increase Blood Flow During Irregular Periods In PCOS?

Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome or PCOS is a common reproductive disorder in women. PCOS is not a disease, it is a syndrome or condition. When and why PCOS comes no one can tell. Doctors still couldn’t find the exact reason why every 1 in 5 women in their reproductive age get this syndrome. There are a lot of myths and stigmas surrounding PCOS. The main reason why women nowadays are suffering with PCOS or PCOD is because of hormonal imbalances and altered lifestyle. Women’s lifestyle has changed drastically over the past few decades. This altered lifestyle is the primary reason why women these days suffer from hormonal imbalances.

Women suffering from PCOS have irregular periods. A regular period comes every 21 days to 45 days. Women suffering from PCOS do not have regular periods. They bleed less than any normal woman and sometimes their menstruation comes once in 3-5 months and lasts only for 1-2 days. Not only the periods last for fewer days, they also are very light or scanty. It scares many women, especially the unmarried and newly married women with no child, with the fear of uncertainty of conceiving.

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Why are there hormonal imbalances in PCOS?

Despite not knowing why it happens, we know that PCOS happens because of hormonal imbalances. The primary reason for hormonal imbalance is lifestyle change.

  • Women these days work and works have various requirements. Some women have to adjust their lifestyle to work during the night and sleep during the day. Some women couldn’t even get proper sleep. A good night’s rest is a major stimulant in aligning the hormones and balance the lifestyle.
  • Other reasons include women mostly indulge in sitting jobs. They sit at one place and work for hours. This means there is pressure on the abdomen, back and all the inner organs residing in that region for hours. Inevitably, these organs suffer the most.
  • Tight clothes keep the lower abdomen area in pressure. That can also hamper the blood flow as muscles cannot do movements freely.
  • Women in PCOS go through several side effects that bring uncertainty in life. Symptoms like painful irregular periods, mood disorder, unusual body and face hair growth, depression, inability to work daily activities properly. PCOS can make a person’s mood erratic, and unavoidably it hampers the personal, social and professional life.

But we can reverse PCOS and remove irregular periods with lifestyle modification and a yogic way of living. Here are some methods which will help you change your irregular periods to regular periods and how you can Increase Blood Flow During Periods.

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Yoga is very helpful to increase blood flow during your periods if you do it properly and regularly. Not just the women suffering with PCOS, but all women need to practice yoga for health benefits and wellbeing. Every woman needs some special exercises for their abdominal region. Yoga is the best way to provide that movement, that simultaneously improves physical and mental health.

1. Butterfly Pose

To bring flexibility to your lower limbs, muscles and your lower abdominal area, Butterfly pose is one of the best yoga poses.

Sit down comfortably while stretching your leg in front of you. Then slowly bring them towards your abdomen and join the soles of your feet. Hold them like that with your hands and push the knees downward and then move them back up. Practice this movement systematically for 1-2 minutes daily for more flexibility in your lower region and this yoga will help you increase the blood flow during periods.

2. Lying Butterfly Pose or Reclined Goddess Pose

It has different effect on your body than sitting butterfly pose. Lie down gently on your back and pull your legs towards your genitalia. Join the soles of your legs and bring your hands over to your abdomen. You can put a pillow below your back if needed. Then slowly start moving your knees up and down. Do this yoga for 1-2 minutes regularly and see the improvements in your irregular blood flow during periods.

3. Cobra Pose

This yoga pose is very effective for both menstruation related problems and correct posture. It helps reduce the fats around your abdomen area and corrects your back posture. The Cobra pose also helps in reducing the back pain and neck pain. This posture also enhances your confidence.

Lie down on your stomach gently. Bring your hands to your sides and place your palms beside your shoulders. Look straight ahead, and now slowly push your upper body upward without moving your elbows away from your body. Stretch your head as up as possible. Hold this pose for 30 seconds–1 minutes and repeat for 3 times.

4. Snake Pose

Snake pose is alike cobra pose, however you put your palms beside your head and push your body up all the way from your hip. Look up as you recline your head backwards and keep your arms straight. Hold this pose for 30 secs – 1 minutes and repeat for 3 times.

Breathing exercises

Practice and breathing exercises for 5-10 minutes daily. 7/11, Anulom-vilom, or chakra meditation- any breathing exercises is good for the inner flow of your body. It will help in calming your mind as well as improve the blood flow in your body.


Try to walk at least 10 mins every day. Working while sitting in a single position for too long is not healthy we all know that. Keeping your lower body movement intact can keep your reproductive organs healthy, and thus, it can help in increasing the blood flow during periods.


Foods is the main thing that affects your health directly. So, you should be very careful about your diet. Unhealthy, sugary, and fast foods affect your health the worst way, and it brings your irregular periods. Here are some foods that can help increase the blood flow during periods.

  1. Unripe papaya
  2. Ginger tea
  3. Fruits rich in vitamin C, like pineapple, mango, etc
  4. Dates
  5. Nuts
  6. Jaggery

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Other tips to increase blood flow during periods:

To avoid irregular or scanty periods, below are some healthy habits that you can implement in your life.

1. Every half an hour you should stop your work, get up from your sitting position and walk for a few minutes.

2. You should do some stretching whenever you feel like it or in every few hours.

3. Wear fitting but comfortable clothes. Working women have their office dress code. However, since women’s bodily requirements differ from men, you should pick clothes that do not hamper your health in any way. Like you should avoid wearing tight, thick, and unbreathable materials, especially for your lower body.

4. Lose at least a few lbs. A major portion of women with PCOS tend to gain weight. Losing a few lbs can actually help in getting regular periods. However, do not indulge in heavy workouts as it can do more harm than help you.

Wrapping up:

These are a few ways that will make your lower body active. Remember, nothing is going to work overnight. You have to be patient and easy with your body and health condition. PCOS is although a major and common issue nowadays, it is not something that’s irreversible. Your irregular periods can be better and you can have more blood flow during your periods only if you change your lifestyle to a healthy one. Lifestyle modification is the only way that can reverse PCOS or Polycystic Ovaries Syndrome and help you get regular periods.