Into the hue by Upama Ghosh

Into the Hue: Beyond the Horizon of Horizons by Upama Ghosh

When the soul calls out to the universe, it returns a zeal to the soul’s healing.

That’s exactly what this book of hope-filled poems wants to convey. The comfort giving poems teaches a yearning soul, how to believe in self, how to dream big, how to fly high and achieve what it wants.

In this poems collection, the poet has established a soulful connection between self and nature. While reading the poems, one could understand the basic essence of the poet’s mind. When someone loses herself to the vastness of the universe, then only, in some unexpected ways, one meets salvation.

This captivating book of poems reminds the readers, how life is full of inspiration. One just needs to acknowledge them and heal their soul.

About the book:

“Words heal, acknowledge & inspire to fathom.” – Upama Ghosh

Poetry is an integral part of my existence. Poetry heals & cleanses my soul. This collection of 25 poems, will help the readers to dive deep into a different hue, hence the name ‘Into The Hue’. The idea behind these poems is an outcome of personal lived experiences, introspection & memories. These were written, during pandemic, when I was hoping for hope & now that ‘Shades Publishers’ readily agreed to publish ‘Into The Hue’, there’s hope everywhere. Let’s bask in the glory of ‘Hope’ & weave dreams of a beautiful tomorrow ahead.

Awards Won by ‘Into The Hue’:

The book ‘Into The Hue: Beyond the Horizon of Horizons’, a collection of 25 poetries, won several awards.

  • The book has been acclaimed as the Best Book of Poetry, 2022 by Cherry Book Awards.
  • Apart from this, the book also got selected by the ‘LearningAve‘ in the category of National Book of Record of Appreciation‘.

Meet the Poet:

Poet Upama Ghosh

About the poet:

The talented poet of the book ‘Into The Hue’ is certainly a person of many talents. She’s an Assistant Professor of English at the Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology & Management beside being a marvelous recitation artist. Upama Ghosh is a well-known reciter since her performing days at ‘Aabritti and Kobita Utsav’ and Playtoome, an online platform. She has participated in many anthologies like ‘The Write Order’, The Ink Society Community’, ‘The Divine Publication’, ‘The Rosewood Publication’ etc. before publishing her poetry in a form of books named ‘Pratibimba’ and ‘Into The Hue’.

She has also contributed her poems to the Literoma Yearbook of 2021: Women & Emotions.

The poet has been awarded ‘The Pioneer’s Flair Awards, 2022’ by ‘The Pioneer’s Haven’ for the Best Published Author of the year.

The poet has also authored 3 academic papers on education, published by infamous international journals, namely ‘Journal of Advances & Scholarly Researches in Allied Education’ and ‘International Journal for Research Trends and Innovation’.

The poet is also involved in various charity work. In recent time, she has sponsored an underprivileged girl child’s education, who is from the ‘Inner Wheel Club of South Calcutta’ (District – 329).

Upama Ghosh is also a member of ‘Gender Benders’ which is working towards ‘Gender Sensitization’.

She currently published with the houses of Atmajaa Publishers and Shades Publishers. Both the houses are from Kolkata.

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