Is Your Karmic Connection Delaying Your Twin Flame Union?

Is Your Karmic Connection Delaying Your Twin Flame Union?

Are you aware of what kind of relationship you’re currently engaged in? There are various kinds of relations we might come across and experience in our lifetime, such as, soulmates, twin flames, and karmic partners. All kinds of relationships are basically reflections of and correlated with soul connections, past lives karma, etc. These three kinds of relationships have unique features, and they come in union to teach us some life lessons.

We might experience all three kinds of relationships or selective ones based on our past life karmas. However, it might create some issues if these relationships overlap or if we aren’t being careful. It’s a given that life is complicated in various ways. So, it’s better to be aware of such issues beforehand so that you can deal with them accordingly.

To know whether a karmic partner delays your twin flame union and what is the difference between a karmic relationship and a twin flame relationship, you need to know both the energies separately and what impact they leave on your life.

So, what are karmic partners relationship?

Unlike twin flames, which heal your traumas and wounds and help you grow in life, karmic relationships come in your life temporarily to teach you some lessons. Karmic relationships never meant to stay forever. Karmic partners come into union to finish off pending past life karmas. The main difference between twin flames and karmic relationship is while a twin flame will support you to reach your highest life goals through self-improvements, a karmic partner will hold you back.

Truthfully, it’s really difficult to differentiate between energies if you’re unable to pick up the subtleties between them and recognize them accordingly.

Karmic partners are often identified as false twin flames because of the doubt we might experience when dealing with a karmic relationship. In short, karmic relationships are toxic, yet these are needed for us to learn some specific lessons. Until unless, you learn your lessons, you might never get rid of your karmic partner.

Although, people have these misconceptions that karmic partners do harm to their twin flame journey, but this is not the actual scenario. People often blame their karmic partners for everything going wrong in their lives. But, in reality, karmic partners play an important role in your twin flame journey. So, instead of hating on them, blaming them, and being disrespectful, you must learn the lessons from it carefully, then end these connections properly. Otherwise, you might further attract bad karma and delay your twin flame union.

Why must we deal with karmic partners sensibly?

Karmic love connections are the consequences of past lives karma. When you still have unfinished businesses, and need to work on yourself, and heal your wounds properly, that is when karmic partners enter your life.

Like most other relationships, karmic relationships are also very passionate and exciting in the beginning. As there is still high energy between you two from past lives, you’ll find this connection fulfilling. But karmic connections follow a repetitive pattern, and thus it turns into a toxic relationship very soon. Both the partners need to work through their past traumas and heal themselves, failing which you cannot further move on in your life.

Karmic partners hold you back from your twin flame journey, but it is not their fault (or yours). They do that because they are the embodiment of past karmas and soul connections. Each and every soul comes here to serve a specific life purpose, and no one can escape them. This is why we must deal with our karmic partners reasonably do the proper inner work to get rid of them.

Note: Not every twin flame journey preceded by a karmic connection, but mostly they do.

How will you know if you’re in a karmic relationship?

Karmic partners (and relationships) follow a repetitive pattern of actions. It’s like doing the same mistake over and over. It happens because karmic partners come together for a certain cause. Both of them have something left unfinished from their past that they want to resolve, and thus lessons are learned in this lifetime. Until you recognize what it is that this connection wants you to learn, you cannot let go of your karmic partner, resulting delay in your twin flame journey. Both the twin flames can have karmic debt and may go through karmic cycles before meeting their twins.

Although it is difficult to point out exact features of a karmic relationship, there are some very specific ones that might give it out to you.

  1. Karmic relationships are toxic. They hurt more than they give pleasure to our souls.
  2. It feels like you are stagnant in various aspects of your life which you do not even relate to.
  3. Your love life never satisfies you fully. You always complain about it this way or that.
  4. Karmic partners hold each other back. Because they find themselves drawn towards a codependent relationship.
  5. You may get negative flashbacks from your past that is related to your karmic partner.
  6. You might face difficulties to focus. You might face a spiritual block.
  7. Karmic partners are mostly toxic, manipulative, discouraging, and controlling.
  8. You might sometimes feel suffocated, overheard, overlooked, and muted in your relationship.

However, not every relationship outside of your twin flame relationship is a karmic relationship. Some connections are really ‘normal’ as we can call them. You need not to be in a spiritual or soul level connection to feel attracted toward someone. Do not blame every relationship that goes wrong and identify them as karmic relationship.

You certainly can experience a horrible relationship without getting any kind of karmic lessons out of it.

Unlike twin flame journey, that only pushes you forward, a karmic connection journey will hold you back from your growth.

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How to let go of a karmic connection?

If you’re finding the above stated patterns in your relationship, then you must do something about it in order to let go of this toxic connection. Only after moving on from your karmic relationship, you can truly do inner work and heal yourself.

Often people are so naïve and addicted that even after knowing this is harming them, they will choose to stay in a karmic relationship. They willingly stay in a toxic relationship for a long time even if their karmic partners do not respect them and hurt them almost always. Karmic partners are often selfish and self-obsessed. But, even though, it apparently looks like easy to let go of such toxic connection, it is actually not. A karmic connection is more like a trap.

It’ll take you enough willpower to move on from a karmic relationship. Once you’ve understood enough, that universe has a rather big plan for you, you can let go a karmic connection. You need to let go of your past, and the pain this connection has imparted on you. You must let go of your ego (ego death).

Of course, it is not an easy task. Especially when you have been together with your karmic partner for a long time, decades even and have children together. But it is possible, if you have the will and wish to move forward in your twin flame journey.

A twin flame journey requires you to work on yourself first instead of just chasing your twin flame instantly. You need to better yourself, heal you past wound, your life and your karmic partner have given you. If you want to love your twin flame or want your twin flame to love you, you need to first love yourself.

Twin flame journey is beautiful, but it also needs a lot of patience and difficult decisions, and the first one of them is to decide how to look inside yourself and find the self-love that you have there.

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