Maun Swar by Kavita Bhatt Mannmugdha

Book Launch: Maun Swar by Kavita Bhatt (Mannmugdha)

Poetry speaks the language of soul. The sound of the silence that emerges from the inner-self, expresses the song of life. The song that comes from the depth of the soul can be found through the words that binds a poetry.

Our inner-self can be translated through various ways– through art, through music, through poetry.

In this book, the poet has described how inner silence willing to express itself whenever it feels like it’s existence is getting dispersed. After reading this book, if you sit in silence and ponder on the thoughts, you’re bound to seek for what your inner self wants to tell the outside world.

Thoughts and poetry are representatives of our inner-self, and the poet, Kaviita Bhatt (Mannmugdha) painted a soulful poetry of silence to show her innermost feelings in this book.

A thought-provoking read!

About the book:

मौन-स्वर का उद्गम स्थान है अंतर्मन I मौन-स्वर अंतर्मन से मुखरित हो जीवन के सप्तक में राग अनुदित करता है और वो सुर, गीत मिलते हैं उसे आत्मा की उसी गहराइयों से I मौन को समझना है तो अंतर्मन में झाँकना आवश्यक है और कविताओं से सुन्दर कोई माध्यम नहीं है मन के उस “काव्य-शास्त्र ” को समझने का जिसे हम अंतर्मन कहते हैं I जब कभी भी मौन को सम्भावना लगती है ख़ुद के विकीर्ण होने की मौन ख़ुद-ब-ख़ुद स्वयं ही अपने भाव का साक्षात्कार कुछ यूँ दे देता है I

Excerpt from the book:

“मौन एक शक्ति है
मौन एक साधना है
मौन के मौन में
देखा है एक संवाद गहरा
एक भाव पूरा 

एक व्योम-अतल
प्राण पूरा।
मौन अंतर्मन का द्वार है
आत्मा से सिंचित
आत्मा में रचा बसा
प्रकृति का अद्भुत
एक काव्य-शास्त्र है।“

Maun Swar

Meet the Author:

Author Kavita Bhatt (Mannmugdha)

About the Author:

Kavita Bhatt is an award-winning writer, author, poet, research scholar and a technical architect at renowned MNC. She believes that nature is the source of all poetic creations. Apart from writing, she is also interested in interior designing and gardening. Her published books are: “मनमुग्धा – एक सोच”, “Pocket of Smile”, “सच्चे पंख”,“मौन-स्वर” which are very close to her heart. Her upcoming book is Jewel My Unalloyed Thoughts.
Bhatt has also also contributed to several other national, international anthologies and magazines. She is also a Member of IARDO (International Association of Research and Development organisation).

Anthology contribution by the poet:

  • “Shades of Pain in her Eyes”
  • “Tinkles of Rhymes”
  • “The Secret Temptation”
  • “Ashes of Maroon”
  • “Girls Paradise-2”
  • “Still something is missing -3”
  • “For you mother”
  • “The Lost Puzzle”
  • “कुछ अनकहे से अल्फ़ाज़”
  • ”Soo much in Love”
  • “Wait Till I tell you”
  • “Jar of Half Wishes”
  • “Salad Days” – A saunter”
  • एवं “नारी – एक सम्मान”
  • Relationship with Success
  • The scriptures of Immortal deeds
  • Shades of Night

Awards won by the poet:

Mannmugdha has won several awards for her literary works.

  • She has received “Poet of the Year 2022” award by “The Indian Awaaz Foundation” for her contribution to the literary community.
  • She has been conferred “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam- Puruskar-2022“ for Writing Expertise as “Emerging writer of the year”.
  • Bhatt has also received the prestigious FoxClues India Prime Women Icon awards 2022.

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