Mere Alfaaz Meri Pehchan By Rimi Sabnam

Mere Alfaaz Meri Pehchan By Rimi Sabnam

Poetry is the mirror to the poet’s soul. Whatever that is inexpressible by common people, is possible for poets to pen down as poetry. This poetry book by Rimi Sabnam is also a marvelous collection where the poet has expressed her deep feelings and opinions on various topics- from women empowerment to our favorite, romance.

Readers can taste every genre in this collection as the poet has covered topics like social norms, self-realization, and motivation. In today’s age, if we don’t talk enough or question enough about the social norms, what good are we contributing to our society. Similarly, in this age of ever-busy human lives, motivation to keep going is the most important soul food we need.

The poet has covered every of those and penned down her strong voice as the form of poetry. A must read for poetry lovers and people who values love the most, as the main theme for this book is, ‘Love for all’.

About the book:

“Mere Alfaaz Meri Pehchan” is basically a poetry book which includes different kinds of poems. The book is covering all the genres & representing women empowerment, social norms, self-realization, motivation, friendship and a sort of charming romance .The main theme of the book is “LOVE FOR ALL” where words matter. These words can spread love and positivity among the readers.

Meet the poet:

Poet Rimi Sabnam is a young girl who has ambitious dreams and passion for reading. She likes to write and loves to express her thoughts, emotions, feelings and opinions through her poetry. Poet Rimi Sabnam strongly values her positive beliefs. She believes, words have an amazing power to change and heal any soul completely if expressed correctly.

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