overcome twin flame separation pain

How To Overcome Twin Flame Separation Pain?

Those who are in a twin flame journey know it is one of the bravest mission a pair of lovers can take. But a twin flame journey is nothing like a ‘boy-meets-girl’ love story. There are several stages the two partners have to go through in order to have their union. It is said that twin flames are mirror souls and are already connected in astral realms. However, due to some karmic reasons, they part ways and come here to live a separate life. But twin flames union is inevitable since those who are in this journey are meant for something big. They are meant to change perspectives of society as a collective.

Since twin flames are meant for something bigger and better, in order to achieve such goals, they need to heal themselves beforehand. Unless they heal their inner wounds, they cannot help others. Twin flames come here to serve a specific life purpose. But in order to reach there, the twins must go through a phase called Twin Flame Separation Stage, and when the twins are going through this separation stage, they experience an immense amount of pain (emotional, mental and physical) that are unbelievably excruciating. The severe pain they have to deal with need to be healed and overcome one way or the other.

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Here we will discuss the 7 ways twin flames separation pain can be overcome.

1. Surrender to the journey.

You cannot fight the journey if you are a part of a twin flame connection. You need to understand the reason of this twin flame separation stage and the pain it brings you. You need to understand that this separation stage is essential for both you and your twin flame. Since a twin flame connection’s major focus is to make you grow both individually and combinedly, this separation stage make you work on yourself individually. So that you can understand the areas you are lacking and those which need to be repaired and healed. Twin flame separation stage focuses on your evolution and growth. Once you have worked on yourself enough, both of you will feel better and stronger, and this stage makes sure your twin flame union is everlasting.

2. Don’t pretend to be okay when you are not.

In most of the guides, it is being told that you need to be positive in order to fast forward your twin flame union. Most guidance focus on thinking positively, saying positive affirmations, but if you’re not focusing on your sadness and the grief you’re feeling inside, then it’ll get stuck in your body forever, which will result in a manifestation of diseases. During the twin flame separation stage, you need to release the pain and misery that is inside you. That’s the main motto of this separation stage. You don’t have to pretend to be okay, when you are not okay. The twin flame separation stage teaches us to be true to ourselves without any facade and pretension. When you acknowledge the pain in you and you actively make efforts to reflect on it, then the immense amount of separation pain eventually loses its power over you.

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3. Realize that you are always together in a higher dimension.

As twin flames, you’re inseparable with each other, and you have already in union in astral planes or higher dimensions. Twin flames are like permanent spiritual husband or wife. The divine masculine and the divine feminine are always gravitate towards each other, no matter how long their journey are. The 3d reality can sometimes appear dense. So, sometimes it is difficult and delayed to manifest them physically. So, what you can do is, be patient on this journey and know spiritually you’re already connected to each other. The main task here is, doing your shadow work to uplift your vibrations, and believe your twin flame will come into your life.

4. Meditate.

Meditation is just not for your spiritual journey. If you meditate regularly, it can fix your physical discomforts as well. Meditation is like medication for wounded souls. The more you meditate, the more you feel connected to your higher self. But don’t be bothered by your meditation time limit. You can at least meditate for 10 minutes minimum and see the difference in your energy from the next day. Include meditation as a part of your morning routine. I personally mediate for 10 minutes before my yoga session. Meditation calms your nerves and makes you feel peaceful from the inside. The easiest way to meditate is to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. You can take guidance of any meditation music (I do that). Also, there are several guided meditation sessions available online which you can easily access. Visualization meditation is another way of meditation which you can incorporate in your daily life and connect with your twin flame spiritually, and it will help bring them closer faster.

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5. Reflect on your life purpose.

Only waiting for your twin flame does not do the job and make this separation phase to end quicker. You need to reflect on yourself, your emotional and spiritual, and the most important, your life purpose. Since twin flames union happen for a big purpose, you need to be aware of your life purpose beforehand. The more you work towards your life purpose, the more you get close to your twin flame and the twin flame separation pain feels less severe. The more you step into your power and towards your life purpose, the more you’ll be at similar core frequency with your twin flame. So, the fifth way is to follow your intuition, reflect more on your individual journey and serve your life purpose.

6. Connect with your spiritual guides.

For different individuals, their spiritual guides are also different. It can be your guardian angel, ancestors’ spirits, your higher self. Know that, you’re never alone. Every one of us are guided spiritually. Some can pick up the signs more often than others since these signs are very subtle. Since twin flames have a big mission on earth, they have a big spiritual team around them as guidance. So, you have to ask for their help. During the twin flame separation stage, when you are feeling massive pain, or confused, and don’t have any idea what to do, ask your angel and spirit guides for help. Pray daily, so that they would show you some signs to get through and deal with this separation pain. They’ll only come forward and help you when you ask them, because they follow the ‘law of non-intervention’. As we all have the free will to make a choice, they stay out of our ways unless we ask for their help actively.

Make affirmations like,

“I allow my spiritual guides to support me by aligning my and my twin flame’s energies so that our union can happen faster.”

7. Practice gratitude.

When you’re going through the twin flame separation stage, you might feel demotivated more severe than other times. You might feel there is nothing good around you. Because your energies tend to get lower due to twin flame separation pain. But if you reflect more sensibly, there are many things around you to be thankful for. The first and foremost is, the universe, the nature, the sun, mother Gaia. As twin flames, starseeds, lightworkers, you can get pretty tired and overwhelmed during our journey on this planet. When you see the oppression, corruption, greed, heartbreak- it is pretty evident that you will feel miserable and badly affected by these low vibrational energies. But remember that, you choose to come here. So, you need to enjoy this journey as much as you can. In order to unite with your twin flame, you need to spread positive and higher vibrational energies. Practicing gratitude can bring those higher energies in you.

Have faith that you’re always being guided towards your twin flame union.

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