7 Main Reasons For Twin Flame Separation

7 Main Reasons For Twin Flame Separation

Twin flames separation is unlike a normal relationship breakup. When you get separated from your twin flame, it feels like the whole world around you has fallen apart. The intense and exceptional love that you experience for your twin flame makes the separation extremely agonizing – mentally, emotionally and physically. A twin flame separation can be overwhelming, intimidating and terrifying. So, when the separation happens, the feeling can be insufferable, even if it’s just for a temporary period.

It entirely depends on that particular pair whether the twin flame separation phase ends or lasts permanently. The sole reason of a twin flame journey is to help you soulfully grow, and become the best version of yourself who is complete in themselves first and then as a twin in the relationship. No matter how difficult the time becomes, a twin flame relationship works as a catalyst of self-growth and growth together. Twin flame relationship shows you the beauty of falling in love as well as the dark, rejected and broken parts of your shadow selves which you have hidden inside. The anger and frustration that you feel towards your twin flame is actually a reflection of the anger you feel towards yourself.

However, no matter what pain you go through in your twin flame journey, make sure your relationship is not sabotaging you. You must not be in a relationship which is co-dependent and toxic. The main difference between a twin flame and a toxic relationship is – a twin flame relationship is based on respect, equality, negotiation, and healthy boundaries. While a toxic relationship is all about inequality, feeling trapped, testing limits, and dependency on the other to be assured of self-worth.

People often misunderstand co-dependency with twin flame love and fall into such toxic and unhealthy relationship. Make certain you’re not one of them.

1. It’s not the right time.

It’s not rare that in a twin flame journey one (or both but mostly one) of the twins aren’t ready to indulge into the relationship yet. As life is very mysterious and has many lessons to teach us, it keeps on surprise us. Sometimes twin flames meet when the time isn’t right. Sometimes there are others we still need to meet in life and complete that particular journey. Some karmic journeys are need to be completed before we could meet and have a fulfilling twin flame relationship. Sometimes twin flames run away from each other because a lot of self-reflection and rectification is need to be done. Because a twin flame relationship is unique, and because of its intense and deep effects on our life, it’s very challenging. A twin flame journey is based on loving someone unconditionally while having healthy boundaries to set a perfect example for the world. So one of the main reasons twin flame separation happens because, not everyone is ready for that kind of challenges.

2. Psychological and spiritual immaturity

When a twin flame separation happens, one who runs away is called the runner twin, and who stays in the journey is called the chaser. The runner twin runs away in fear because the intense overwhelming feelings a twin flame connection brings with it. This happens because the runner might not always be emotionally, mentally and spiritually mature. A twin flame connection is based on balance. While one twin is growing and maturing but the other one is staying stagnant for a long time, then the two persons in the relationship fall out of alignment. So, another reason why twin flame separation happens is, when the twins do not grow and mature mutually, equally, spiritually, and psychologically.

3. Lack of self-love and respect

One of the topmost reasons why a twin flame separation happens is, lack of self-love and self-respect. When there is a lack of self-love, it manifests itself in the relationship as jealousy, anger, or co-dependency. Self-love can be a major issue where a twin flame separation lies. There’s a misconception that you need to find a perfect match to be whole who’d love and understand you. But a person needs no one to be whole and feel good about self. When a person looks for a perfect partner, it is laced with neediness, co-dependency, and a lot of conditions which is exactly opposite when a person is at ease with their own self.

If a person does not know how to respect and love his or her own self, there cannot be any genuine love for others. There cannot be any unconditional love for your partner, if you do not love and respect yourself first including your shadow aspects. So, when a twin flame relationship faces the lack of self-love, it falls apart under the weight of self-loathing and insecurities.

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4. More growth is needed.

It is true that in a twin flame both the partners grow mutually and together. But before coming together and accepting each other, twin flames need to grow individually. So that they could achieve that level of trust in each other and can love each other unconditionally. A twin flame separation happens when a person does not grow individually and feels stagnant. This situation can never lead to a healthy relationship.

5. More life lessons to be learnt

Life needs to prepare you as an individually free person before you enter a twin flame relationship. You need to go through several life stages where you’ll learn things that you lack, such as new friendships, respecting self, trusting others, setting healthy boundaries, expanding the life experience horizon and so on. Life lessons are based on trial and error. Until, unless you learn a specific lesson you cannot cross over and start a new level. Some situations may be easier to comprehend and learn, but the other might crumble you down and make you even stronger. You will shade your old self many times in a twin flame journey before finally being ready.

One of the main lessons from a twin flame separation is do not shut off yourself from the world. The more you push forward, the more you learn in life.

6. It is important to heal

As individuals we all have separate sets of scars imparted on our souls. At some point they make us suffer excruciatingly. These scars can come from a tragedy in life, death of a loved one, break up from a previous relationship, hurt from a karmic connection, etc. So, another reason for a twin flame separation is, we may not be ready to emotionally open up yet because our scars aren’t healed yet.

7. May be there is someone better in reserves

Sometimes we meet fake twin flames and need to separate from them in order to meet our real twin. A twin flame union is constructive. But when a relationship starts to show destructive characteristics, you’ll know that it is a fake twin flame connection. A twin flame connection never let you down or belittle you. You twin always will support and help you in your growth. Otherwise, it is evident for a twin flame separation to happen.

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