runner chaser role reversal

Why Runner Chaser Role Reversal happens?

Since twin flame connection is a soul level connection, every emotion you feel in this connection is far more intense than a normal love story. When you meet your twin flame, your life will change forever. In a twin flame connection, the divine masculine and the divine feminine go through 8 separate stages before their re-union. Since twin flames are not always spiritually awakened from the beginning, these stages are needed to make them spiritually grow in themselves.

There comes a time, when the twins have to go through a twin flame separation stage, and during this stage the twins acquire roles called runner and chaser. The one who runs away from this intense love and attraction is called the runner, and the one who chases the runner to bring back into their union is known as the chaser.

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Twin flame relationship has the indescribable intensity which sometimes can scare the runner twin. As your twin is just your mirror soul, they exactly are alike you at the same time being exactly opposite of you. The relation of twin flames are perfectly describable by yin-yang. Instead of completing, your twin flame complements you. Your twin triggers the shadow aspects of yourself which you’re too afraid to face. This is why, the runner twin tries to escape the connection because they are in denial to face their shadows. So, most of the time the runner leaves the connection in confusion and without warning. Then, the runner-chaser dynamic happens. The runner – chaser stage might last for a long time, and depends on the maturity of the souls. Also, in a twin flame connection, the role of runner chaser is reversible. Once a runner can be the chaser at later time and vice versa.

Both the runner and chaser need to grow separately until they are ready for the reunion.

The Chaser

It is said that the chaser is the first one to realize this spiritual connection. It is the chaser who realizes the importance of the other one in their life as their soul twin. But when the twin flame separation stage comes, they are the ones who gets abandoned by their partner, and it makes them feel the intense pain of twin flame separation. The chaser keeps on chasing the runner, not because they are being selfish, but because they don’t want any of the twins to feel the separation pain. Because they love their runner just as themselves. They know if they feel this intense twin flame separation pain, the runner would feel the same, and they don’t want them to feel it because they love them so much to see them in pain.

The Runner  

The runner on the other hand is the who abandons this union and rejects their partner due to the overwhelming feeling of emotions. Due to the intense attraction between them, the runner feels this connection would smother them in the future. Their thought pattern works like- if they run away and hide, leaving the connection altogether, it’ll all go away. Then they will be at peace. So, the runner runs away and hides from their twin and their union, because the intensity of the connection scares them. The runner might turn to other people or alcohol and partying in order to distract themselves.

But instead of going away, the twin flame separation starts to awaken the runner twin. Indeed, it is important for the runner to run away, because it gives them the time to grow and develop spiritually and get in alignment with the same energy frequency with the chaser. But since the twin flame connection is soul level, all the emotions and love the twins feel are multifold than normal. Similarly, the separation pain is also very intense, and it leaves the runner in confusion. They can’t understand what was happening with them, and they feel lost. So, they try to ignore it by excaping the connection.

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Point to remember:
Cheating, lying, abuse, harassment is never a part in twin flame runner chaser dynamic. If your partner treats you badly and doesn’t respect you, then you’re in a karmic or a false twin flame connection.

What happens when the chaser stops chasing?

The twin flame separation stage is important because while in separation both the twins learn how to focus on personal problems which can get in the way of their twin flame union and do the needed shadow work. But there comes a time when the chaser is just tired of chasing and stops the chase altogether to focus more on self. As the saying goes, everything has their limits.

So, when the chaser stops chasing, the runner can feel the emptiness more than the chaser. It’s like losing a huge part of yourself, which is true anyway. The chaser who was left behind in the first place, might feel betrayed, hurt and blocked. But the runner feels the separation pain more intensely than the chaser, because their confusion adds to their misery.

Although it sounds harsh, but the twins need the separation in order to come in balance to reunite.

Runner chaser role reversal

As twin flames are mirrors of each other, they tend to mirror each other a lot, and this is why the runner chaser dynamic can go on for several cycles. Mostly it is said that the masculine energy is the runner while the divine feminine is the chaser. But it is not always true. As individuals, we all have both the masculine and feminine energy in us. So, it is absolutely possible for the feminine energy to be the runner and the masculine energy to be the chaser.

It is also possible that after sometime, the role of runner chaser can be completely switch, and this can continue until there is proper balance between both the twins.

Always remember, a runner cannot complete a chaser, unless the chaser is self-sufficient or complete within themselves and vice versa. A twin flame union is only possible when both the twin flames energies are in alignment. The twin flame connection is an emotional roller coaster ride. As mirror souls, they reflect each other’s energies. Once they are in balance together, only then they can move forward in their journey. In the beginning of this runner chaser dynamic, it is totally possible for the runner to be the chaser while the chaser being the runner. But eventually as the runner starts to be more grounded, their roles get reversed instantly.

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Why runner chaser dynamic happens with role reversal?

Because both the twins are running from something. The runner runs from the soul connection because they think they are unable to bear this overwhelming emotional journey, while the chaser runs from the self-love and the fear of abandonment. Both are running from the actual phase where they would be healed.

There are three issues because of which runner chaser dynamic happens.

1. Attachment issues

2. Matching wounds

a) abandonment

b) fear of being engorged or smothered

3. Distortion in twin flame mirror

Bottom line

In order to reunite with their twin flame, both the runner and chaser have to go through the twin flame separation stage, where they have to do shadow work and get healed first. Then as they start to be more grounded and awakened in themselves, they need to reflect on their growth. They need to treat themselves with self-love and kindness. Both the runner and chaser need to release the old repetitive cycles of dysfunctional behavioural patterns.

Upon surrendering into the journey, the divine timing, and your life purpose, you’ll be able to reunite with your twin flame.

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