The Necromancy of Tarots

The Necromancy Of Tarots By Suryashi Verma

Personally, I watch a lot of tarot card readings. It’s a way to release your anxiety when you’re severely stressed about some events going on in your life. Alongside that, tarot can be a great entertainer if you’re looking for some light reads. Some people consult tarot when they want to know about their current or ex love connection. Some watch tarots for career guidance.

People who have no idea about tarot, let me tell them it’s a guidance reading done by esotericists. They use a deck of tarot cards as the medium of channeling messages. Different decks have different number of cards. But the most common and original tarot deck has 78 cards in total – 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana.

These 78 cards, all having different kind of meaning, are used in tarot sessions. This book ‘The Necromancy of Tarots: Easiest Way to Understand Tarots’ is actually the easiest way to learn about tarot cards and the inner meanings of each spread.

People who are interested in esoterism, tarot is a must having skill for them. The author, Suryashi Verma, has done a great job in explaining the whole secrecy of tarot cards in lucid language. One must give it a read for a detailed and easiest way to understand tarot reading.

About the book:

Tarot is a guidance, that gives you the idea of what is going to happen in immediate future and gives complete descriptions of your presents. It gives all information about you, what is your nature, what is your thinking, do you contain positive energy or negative energy (due to circumstances) it tells your fears and gives you outcomes. Once cards are in your hands and are concentrated upon, the answers will appear on its own. From this book you can easily understand the meaning of the cards easily and there are few spreads which can helps you in daily tarot – card reading.

About the author:

Author Suryashi Verma is a 21 years old tarot reader. She’s from in Almora, Uttarakhand. According to her words, her life has been simple. She did her schooling from Koormanchal Academy, Almora, and now pursuing her Bachelors of Technology in Civil from the Dev Bhoomi group of institutions Dehradun. Her passion for tarot reading started because she wanted to read cards for the people in need. People who want to know about their future, past and present, she gives them an overall guidance through tarot. She’s a proud daughter of Mr. Bhuwan Verma (businessman) and Reena Verma (housewife), because they have given her all the support she needed in her life.

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