Can Your Twin Flame Feel Your Separation Pain?

Can Your Twin Flame Feel Your Separation Pain?

Can your twin flame feel your separation pain? Can they feel it when you’re hurting? Do they hurt along with you? What is the meaning of this twin flame separation pain? Can you fall physically ill when you’re going through the stage of twin flame separation?

As you might have anticipated, twin flames do feel each other’s pain. But it is not anything similar to the rumoured pain you might have guessed. Since twin flame connection is a sacred soul level connection, things happen here on a spiritual level where emotions, energy and thoughts are linked with each other at 5D plane. Twin flame bond is a strong energetic bond, through which these two mirror souls feel each other’s energies shifting. However, often the runner twin cannot recognize these feelings and their source so they get confused alongside feeling the separation depression.

But yes, twin flames do feel each other’s pain but they are unable to understand the other’s emotions. They cannot understand why their twin is having such excruciating feelings during the twin flame separation period. As the runner twin cannot understand where these feelings are coming from, sometimes this can cause things to get worse.

How does this happen? It can make the runner twin a bit paranoid. As they cannot understand why it is happening, they find themselves in an inescapable situation where there’s no easy or possible solution. They get confused because of the limitations, lack of understanding and unreachable and unexplainable emotional experiences. They feel worse and act upon it making it even more painful.

However, there is a benefit to this separation stage.

How can twin flames share each other’s pain?

You must be aware that twin flame connection is a soul level connection. So, before incarnating on this physical plane, twin flames were already connected to each other. Twin flames share the same energy frequency and once were one and a part of the same consciousness. But to experience the nature of duality, the original consciousness chose to divide into two parts namely, divine masculine and divine feminine. Twin flames originally were created to expand the scope of learning so that they could evolve in their understanding and ultimately reunite through their unconditional love.

Twin flames are destined to meet during this lifetime because they are meant to undertake a spiritual journey together. When twin flames meet for the first time, there’s an instant sense of longing and attraction. They recognize the familiarity between themselves and their twins immediately after meeting even if they’ve never met each other before. It is because the connection between twin flames is ever existing even though they have been apart from each other for so long.  Twin flames mirror each other and the bond between them never go away. That is why it is not uncommon for twin flames to feel each other’s pain.

Twin flames are said to have the same soul in two different bodies, that is why there is such strong synchronicity between them. It is said that there is only one twin flame union during a lifetime. That is why if you meet your twin flame during this lifetime, you must cherish this connection, no matter how difficult it may seem.

A relation based on complete understanding

Twin flames are called mirrors of each other. Because they think, feel and act in the same way. Since their connection is unlike any other ‘normal’ relationship, it is very strong. They can feel the energy sensation the other is emitting and vice versa. The synchrony twin flames experience is not restricted only to the physical aspect. They can sense other’s emotions since human emotions are also a form of energy vibration. Everything in this universe is linked through vibrating energy, but when it comes to twin flames, the attraction increases manifold. For obvious reasons, these synchronicities aren’t bound in a limited place. Even if the twins are thousand miles apart, their synchronicity can cross any distance and experience the pain the other is feeling.

Twin flame are telepathically connected

Telepathic communication is a brain-to-brain conversation without using any form of technology. Scientists have already proven that telepathic communication between two humans, without using any forms of communication channels, is actually within reach, although now it is very limited engineering, i.e., it is still under research but is theoretically in the realm of possibility. However, twin flames can already communicate telepathically to each other. Telepathy between the twin flames can manifest in many ways. Not to mention, each twin flame journey will experience this bond differently. Sharing pain to one another is just one of the many examples of this telepathic connection.

Twin flames are capable of transmitting and receiving thoughts without the help of any form of technology. This mind-linking manifests itself from the day they meet and deepens during the development of their relationship. Anything that is affecting one twin flame will also be felt by the other. It does not matter if it is an emotion, physical pain or a fanatical thought. They can even communicate telepathically in their dreams. Both the twins can dream same with a similar setup, and it is absolutely possible for twin flames to appear in the dreams of the other.

Twin flame separation pain

Twin flame relationship is a strong soul level connection and goes through several stages to finally reach their union. One such stage of twin flame journey is the separation stage. During that period, both the twins suffer from an unexplainable twin flame separation pain. During this separation phase, it becomes extremely excruciating to normally carry on with their daily lives. Twin flame separation stage brings emotional and physical health problems. Both the runner and chaser twins cannot concentrate on work, experience vague stomach pain and heartache, fatigue and several other twin flame separation sicknesses. Although the pain level is different for both the twins, due to the spiritual connection between them, they can feel each other’s pain dynamically which multiplies their own discomfort. During the separation stage, both twin flames feel devastated. However, it is this separation stage which motivates the twins to work on themselves and grow in order to have their twin flame reunion.

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The purpose of twin flame separation pain

Twin flames suffer this separation stage and can feel each other’s pain besides their own, because each of the twin flame journey serves a specific purpose. Twin flames go through the separation stage because it helps them understand the depth of their connection in both 3D and 5D planes. After experiencing this inescapable soul connection, they discover the real meaning of life in depth which is not perceivable by ‘normal’ people.

Twin flames meet during this lifetime to heal past life traumas, improve the quality of their life and polish their personal beliefs which lead to a loving relationship through which they will finally tune into perfection. When twin flame union happens, they appear like the power couple as they are. That is why their responsibilities are also greater than any other couples, and when there are bigger responsibilities, they also have to face various obstacles. That is the reason, the pain they feel when they are separated helps as a motivator to bring them back together. The good thing among all these obstacles is, they’ll always end up together, because that is their destiny.

Twin flames sense each other’s tormenting pain, which is, in fact an important motivator. When a twin flame feels the pain of the other twin, he/she then understands the depth of their unique connection. In this way they start a healing process that benefits their relationship as a whole. They become aware of various wounds from the past, and the aspects of their persona that need to be healed. They understand how they need to work on their shadow aspects first in order to have their twin flame union. In short, a twin-flame relationship greatly enhances the human values and ethics of each individual. Twin flames are destined to meet during this lifetime to evolve together and become better, first individually, then as a unit.

Universe’s way of teaching life lessons

Every individual lack in some way or the other. In order to grow truthfully, you need to learn certain lessons that you have been dragging from your past, this life or the previous ones. Unless you are able to solve those painful issues, the universe will keep throwing such a situation at your way. Twin flame relationship is in fact, a gift from the universe because in a twin flame relationship, you learn how to heal your old wounds that are still hurting you in the present. That’s why twin flame relationship is so intense. And as it is intense, all the emotions in brings with it is also intense. That is why you get to experience the intense twin flame separation pain, because it is just not your own pain, you feel the same pain that your twin flame feels, along with yours.

The ultimate goal of twin flame separation pain is to evolve spiritually. Both the twins go through such intense painful situation to have their spiritual evolution so that they can finally be one with the ultimate universal energy, the divine source. Even though the process is sometimes painful, a twin-flame relationship helps you in reaching the fullness of your being.

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Since twin flame relationship has the potential to completely transform your life, you must not neglect such warnings when you experience such intense but vague pain. It is a way to make you aware of the struggles of the other half of your soul. As twin flame is a strong bond (mentally and spiritually), your twin flame can feel your pain and vice versa.