Twin Flame Separation

Side Effects of Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame union is much more than just a love-story. Twin flame union is not like any ‘boy meets girl’ story. Your twin flame is said to be your divine counterpart irrespective of gender. If you’re the divine masculine despite being a female, your divine counterpart is the divine feminine who compliments you in every aspect of your life.

Meeting your twin flame is just not for your love life. The purpose of a twin flame union is to speed up your spiritual growth. A twin flame relationship is a way to reach your higher self. Your twin flame comes to your life to challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone so that you can grow beyond your limit. Twin flame union makes you vibrate on a higher energy level which is suitable for your spiritual advancement. Along with your heart, everything else also get cleansed and healed.

There are 8 distinct stages of a twin flame union to help you mold into the best version of yourself. However, as the main purpose of a twin flame union is to elevate you to your spiritual growth, there comes a stage of separation which hurts you awfully, yet is very important for you to pass through the stage for your spiritual advancement.

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What happens in a Twin Flame Separation Stage?

In a twin flame separation stage, one of the partners, universally called as the runner, leaves the relationship or is afraid and unwilling to commit in the relationship. The runner blocks the other partner from any kind of communication and refuses to form any kind of connection.

While the other partner, universally known as the chaser, suffers the agony of pain and anguish. The twin flame separation stage bothers the chasers the most. It makes the chaser wonder ‘why’ the other partner has blocked him.

Mostly, it is the divine feminine who comes to this realization of their divine connection before the divine masculine and thus is the chaser. However, the role of the runner and the chaser is reversible in a twin flame connection.

There are several signs and symptoms of a twin flame separation stage and in this period the partners have to face the side effects of this connection.

5 subtle but distinct side effects of a twin flame separation stage are listed below.

1. Twin flame separation pain is very emotional and relational.

After separating or during the period of separation from your twin flame, you may feel disconnected from others in a way you have never felt. It is a period of isolation which is basically a healing period in disguise. When you are in a twin flame separation phase, you feel the lack of 3D or physical romantic connections from your life. So, to feel the gap, you tend to lean on people from your life who had been there for you in the past. However, you’ll start to notice that they no longer serve that purpose. You’ll find them not there the way they used to be. You’ll feel disconnected from the world, even if they once were the core influences in your life. Your family members, parents, siblings, friends- suddenly all of these connections will become shallow to you. It happens because you’ve already experienced the depth of your twin flame connection and you know how deep your soul can dive into and be satisfied if you’re with your twin flame. So, other connections start to feel surface level, and feel something is always lacking.

2. You lose a couple of friends.

When your divine counterpart is refusing to see your worth, you lose all hope and slips into a stage where no one can understand your inner turmoil. Your partner doesn’t seem to see the higher purpose and value of this connection and your friends are ignorant enough to not know what is wrong with you and your partner. They basically think your twin is a jerk and no matter how hard you’re trying, you can’t make them understand your situation. This misunderstanding may lead your close and loved ones out of your life. Because they are used to the old pattern love and a twin flame relationship is much more than that. However, the good part is you’ll start attracting new people in your life who match your higher vibrational frequency. When you are in your twin flame connection, you’ve elevated your energies spiritually. So you may find it intolerable to connect through your higher energy levels to your close friends.

3. You experience ego death.

Twin flame separation stage can cause your ego death. Since in a twin flame connection you go through an energy shift within your whole being, this energy flow through your body cause you to elevate in all areas of your life. Especially this energy flow breaks the blockages and barriers within your old energy field, many of which were built up by your ego. In twin flame connection, all those parts of your life which no longer fit or align with our authentic soulful self must go. But the ego fights back reflexively. As a result, you’ll experience an extreme loss of identity, and due to this loss of ego identity, anyone that you once were connected with through an egoic space, will start to leave you. These people didn’t really see you for who you actually are, i.e. you had to put up a facade to hide your authentic self to fit into their way of representation of self. You had to tolerate their fakeness because you wanted to be accepted by them. But after coming to the twin flame connection, you no longer abide by their rules and regulation, and you don’t pretend to put up a fake image. Your old image was of your false self, which was an ego based self. So, after this ego death, the connections that were connected to your false image will just disappear. As now you’ve come in terms with your true self, you no longer fear to leave these connections in the past and move on to serve your true life purpose.

4. Due to downward energy shift, you may feel tired and fatigued.

The sudden loss or the sudden break in your twin flame connection make us feel the downward vibrational effects to the core of your soul. Because of your subconscious mind, our energy reflects in our body. This dramatic sudden downward shift which is caused by this sudden loss, will naturally reflect within our physical bodies, may cause you fatigue, tiredness and certain discomfort. Certain negative physical symptoms may be experienced. You’ll often face mood swings, empty, lonely, lost, angry, abandoned, resentment and which can be severe sometimes.

5. You feel a lot of vague twin flame separation pain.

When you’re in a twin flame separation stage, you might suffer a lot of emotional pain. Since both the partners have their own emotional wounds that they have to heal in order to make this divine connection work, both of the twins go through some mental and emotional illness state. Unless they heal their own wound, they will keep running and chasing each other, the role will be reversed after sometime, and the cycle will continue. During a twin flame separation stage, you may experience anxiety, restlessness, agonizing emotional pain which is almost incapacitating. You’ll feel all your hopes and dreams have shattered, you feel empty inside and deeply hurt and lost. Twin flame separation pain engulfs us from within and shatters our foundation. Twin flame separation pain is one of the hardest emotional pains you can experience in your life. Because, the twin flame connection is soul level, you experience this connection beyond the layers of your ego. So, while in twin flame separation stage, you’ll feel your whole world has crumbled down. It sounds unimaginable and very intense.

6. You can suffer from unexplainable twin flame separation sickness.

Twin flame separation stage can bring you a lot of vague and unexplainable physical pain and sickness. You can feel physically tired all the time. You might want to sleep because you feel exhausted, but you cannot seem actually to sleep well. Often comes the time when you have a lack of appetite, stomachache, backache, other physical pains like headache. Most twin flames who’ve gone through this separation phase describe this sickness as pain in the solar plexus area. Some feel chest pain too. One or several of your kundalini chakras might get affected due to this separation stage. You’ll face a lack of energy and lack of motivation during that phase. You’ll feel sapped, drained and totally fatigued. Make sure to visit your doctor if you suffer from any of these uncomfortable symptoms.

7. Going through twin flame separation stage can make you distanced from some of your family members.

You might feel detached and disconnected from all or some of your family members. You pick on conflicts because in a twin flame connection you raise your energy vibration to a high level which in turns decreases your tolerance level for unnecessary drama and negativity such as manipulation, bullying, lying, hypocrisy, backstabbing, gaslighting and so on. You limit your time with certain family members whose presence makes you unsettled. We all know, family often comes with a lot of drama and provocation. But since you’ve enhanced your spiritual energy frequencies, you develop zero tolerance towards the nuisance your family brings. Not that you cannot forgive them for their past behaviors. You might forgive them and still want to keep your distance from them. Just because you belong to your family, it does not validate you to oblige with all their demands that don’t align with your values and ideals.

8. Twin flame separation depression.

The most unfortunate thing that might happen to you is, you might get victimized by depression. Mental illness is already a new-age, major issue for several instances and to top that when it is a twin flame separation stage depression, if tortures you the worst. As twin flames are a soul connection, both partners are very close to each other on soul level. So, when they are in separation, it shocks both the runner and chaser on the soul level, but differently. Despite in any relationship issues depression might be a common symptom, but in twin flame separation issues, feelings like hopelessness, emptiness, abandonment, helplessness affect you on soul level. The twin flame separation depression is common and hurts the runner the worst. A chaser might feel the urge to blame the separation on the runner, but the runner might feel confused and frustrated about it by refusing the connection and thus may fall into depression.

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Why Twin Flame Separation happens?

Twin flame separation can happen for various reasons and can vary from person to person. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Lack of self-love
  • Lack of self-trust
  • Low self-confidence
  • Old unhealed emotional wounds
  • The nagging needs to look for someone better
  • Mental immaturity, etc.

How long a twin flame separation lasts?

It depends on the relationship and partner to partner. Some people who have been in twin flame connection say it might be in an average of 1-2 years, but others have said, it can last over a decade. It all depends on how quick both the partners do their shadow work and heal themselves.

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