‘Untitled Poems’ – A Collection by Sujata Gautam

Have you ever considered why is it so important to name your creation? Why can’t it be unnamed? Does everything need to have a name? Why should a name be associated with identification?

In the book “Untitled Poems”, the poet wants to convey the same message. It’s about her feelings, her emotions, her thoughts. These special feelings, emotions, and thoughts — which are not so uncommon to common people.

About The Book:

“Untitled Poems” is a collection of poetries by “Sujata Gautam”. When the author participated in various anthologies, there she was asked to give a title to her poem, she remembered that her work has no title, while writing poems, she just penned down on paper whatever she felt, observed, experienced, or imagined but never gave a title to it. But now as she is participating in an anthology so it was necessary to give a title to her work.. She started asking herself why is it so necessary to give a title or name to any work? If work looks better without any name or title, then why it could not remain like that? If it looks more amazing. suitable, and beautiful, without a title then why can’t it remain like that. Will it be not considered as amazing as it is without the title?

Meet the poet:

Poet Sujata Gautam

Poet Sujata Gautam is a management student and loves reading books a lot. Her favorite color is white and she’s a pure heart artist. Among her most favorite quotes, some are: “Justice is more important than happiness.” and “Good to forgive, better to forget.”

About the poet:

Sujata Gautam is a writer, whose work are inspired from real life situations, experiences and observations. She likes to do painting, cooking, reading and writing. A young girl with big dreams in her little eyes. Passionate about giving and contributing something better to this world. She has participated in many anthologies till now. She wrote her first poem when she was in 3rd grade, and that was for her little cute doll. 

Poet Sujata Gautam

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