Ways To Unravel by Prasanna Kumar

Book Launch: Ways To Unravel by Prasanna Kumar

A simple story about Karthik and Jaanu, but each scenes of this story has something to teach. We often make mistakes in our relationships. Sometimes we do it intentionally, sometimes we do it unintentionally. Sometimes we have solutions to the problems and misunderstandings. Sometimes we don’t.

This story not only is a gripping tale about the two main characters, but also shows a lot of different ways we can solve the familiar yet difficult problems that we face in a marriage or a relationship.

This book is for the people in a relationship, which will help them to strengthen their relationship. All the general disputes that we face after marriage, the author has given effective and amazing solutions to each of them.

There are some valuable tips for couples that the author has added in this book. If any couple wishes to have a longer, happy and colourful marriage life, they must absolutely follow those tips.

An educational and entertaining read!

About the Book:

This book is very useful to couples to strengthen their relationship. It contains some problems which you face in general after marriage along with solutions in my knowledge. There are some things to do to make your soulmate happy. All these content is explained with simple story of Karthik and Jaanu.

Ways To Unravel: For Soulmates

Meet the Author:

Author Prasanna Kumar

About the Author:

      This is K.S.Prasanna Kumar, born on 23 August 1996, lives in Kakinada, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh. I’m a Secondary Grade Teacher, I completed my graduation and pursuing Post Graduation now. I have a hobby of learning new things. In my point of view if anyone have any hobby like singing dancing like that then they get knowledge on that particular sector only but if you have Hobby of learning new things then you get knowledge on many sectors. I love crafts Making. I find peace of mind while doing art and crafts.

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