You And I: The Best Is Yet To Come

In my opinion, life is synonymous to learning lessons. You face challenges. You fall hard. You get injured and that’s when you learn the lesson. It makes you stronger. You learn how it’s important to get back up and pull yourself together. If not for someone else, then for yourself.

The challenges of life are sometimes easy, but others are equally mind-numbing. But by solving these challenges, we grow up. Life lessons are not only come from our memories, but they all leave behind significant messages.

Sometimes, we might overlook them. But instead of forgetting them, we need to cherish them. Cause, these life lessons make us who we truly are as individuals.

In the book ‘The noise behind the silence in You and I: The Best is Yet to Come’, author has penned down his own life experiences and challenges that have helped him grow as a person. This book is best for those who are facing challenges and want to fight along. Those bravehearts, need to learn the art of self-mastery, and that is exactly what this book depicts. This book is a journal, a handbook, and a guide to the higher self.

You and I: The Best is Yet to Come


The game called life throws challenges at every one of us in its own way. These challenges make us laugh out loudly, cry silently, torment us deeply at their own levels. However, every challenge leaves behind a message for us. It happens that we tend to forget these lessons sometimes and leave them to oblivion inside the memory. So, every lesson I had learnt was penned to remind myself what I have passed through or rather many of you pass through. It is a reminder of my experiences and expectations from myself. It is a diary of a few decades indeed. 

Author D. S. Thakur


D. S. Thakur is a simple guy on an expedition of meeting desire and determination to place his name among the likes of who’s who of literature fraternity. His whole series of dreams, however remained, in his memories as a connected whole when he woke up to know he had to scribble everything he wanted to only when he could realize his dreams. However, when he had started to write down his thoughts and experiences, he learnt he was on a new journey of discovering himself. And, in the process, he was making himself better.

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